Replacing your old Videocon D2H remote can be a bit of a hassle because they are pretty hard to find and the ones that are available are not of high quality. In such a situation where you have to replace your misplaced remote or your old remote, you have no choice but to buy a new D2H box which can cost you a whole lot of money. But do not panic. We have got a solution for you. We bring to you Videocon D2H RF replacement Remote that will solve all your problems. 

It has been designed to give complete functionality of Videocon high definition set-top-box.  It has been designed in such a way as they are familiar to the users. The durability of the remote has been tested multiple times to ensure its strength. In addition to this due to its long transmission feature, it has added that extra benefit for the customers. It can be used from a 50-meter distance until an angle of 360 deg. This describes a variety of positions through which the remote can operate the Set-top-box. Now you will not have to change your seat or move closer to the TV in order to operate it.

The Videocon D2H RF replacement Remote has a very simple setup procedure. Just buy some AAA batteries and plug them into the remote. Now restart your set-top-box and press and hold ‘*’ and press OK. The screen will then display a three-digit number on the display screen. Type that same number from the remote number pad and that is it. You are now connected to the set-top-box. Now you can tune in anytime to watch your channels, movies or TV shows and stay entertained always.

With such excellent functionality and ergonomic features, you must buy the Videocon D2H RF replacement Remote as soon as possible. While it is compatible with any Videocon full HD D2H but before buying kindly check and match your model serial numbers for convenience. With superior quality and durability, the product also comes with 3-month warranty service. So now you can relax and enjoy your channels without thinking too much. So hurry up and visit the LRIPL website and place an order to buy the Videocon D2H RF replacement Remote. It will be delivered to your home address because we care for our customers.


Have you lost your Sony TV remote? or has it started to malfunction? Whatever the reason may be, the best replacement for your remote control is the LRIPL Sony Bravia remote control. With every functionality of the original Sony remote control, the LRIPL remote control is an absolute necessity for your home.

The LRIPL Sony remote control does not need any pre-installation. Just take it out of the box, put batteries in it and you’re good to go. The remote uses infrared signals to operate your TV and can work with every Sony LCD and LED television set. The remote controls varied compatibility with LCD and LED TVs makes your experience faster, smoother, and efficient. Apart from these functionalities, the remote control still stands apart from its competitors. The LRIPL Sony remote control boasts a range of over 12 meters and it can be used even at a 45-degree angle. Along with all the buttons and keys of the original Sony remote, the LRIPL remote gives you a dedicated key just for Netflix so that online shows are just a button click away for you. Thus, with the LRIPL Sony remote control, you can be assured your that TV viewing experience won’t be hindered. 

The LRIPL Sony remote control is made out of ADS material, which is a better alternative than the conventional plastic material. The ADS material is eco-friendly and makes the product very durable, making the LRIPL remote control a sensible buying choice over every other remote control in the market. 

Every LRIPL Sony remote control comes with a 3-month warranty. The warranty will cover any mishap that might occur during the warranty period and the product can even be replaced should it start malfunctioning in the warranty period. The remote control used AAA batteries and you should always use fresh batteries to get the best performance out of the remote control. Please make sure that the LRIPL remote you are buying is the same model as the original remote, to avoid any technical problems in the future. Our aim at LRIPL is to put the convenience of the consumer at the forefront, that is why you can buy our Sony Bravia replacement remote control straight from our website. Since we deliver in every major city in India, you can get our products delivered straight to your doorstep.

SD Free to Air Set Top Box

This is a Set-Top Box from the house of LRIPL, one of the best SD Free to Air Set Top Box. It gives you the freedom to choose those channels that you like to watch. It is made with love, giving it a perfect finishing, with an elegant design that catches your eye the instant you see it. The colour combination of the product is unique and is made with the best materials and high-quality metal to give it longer durability. It has been made in a way that makes it easier to install and configure. Did you know? You do not have to get a monthly recharge done! You can enjoy all your shows and favourite serials without any hassle of making payments. 

LRIPL LR88 MPEG-2 SD Free to Air Set Top Box has the capacity to store 5000 TV and radio channels and it comes pre-programmed with 64 updated satellites globally. You even get the choice to download the user manual and channel list for free! According to the radio frequency, the set-top box has a memory of 5000 channels. It can also auto-scan the channels and can auto shutdown when you want it to. You can also switch to the previous channel, as it has been in-built, to provide you with the best of features in one product. Do you want to add, edit, rename, move or delete a channel? LRIPL SD Free to Air Set Top Box has got your back on this! Get this product today, to enjoy all the features, while sitting on your sofa or bed. Did you know that you can also choose between Hindi or English language, you can sort the channels alphabetically (A-Z).  You can choose from your favourite channels, and group your movie channels, sports channels, shows, entertainment channels, etc. according to your preferences! Experience a great picture quality with a resolution of 720×576 (PAL) and 720×480 (NTSC), vivid colours, sharper images, and stunning sound when watching your favourite channels. This product comes with a warranty of 6 months. With an affordable rate, LRIPL ensures to consider every aspect, when it comes to your satisfaction.

LG LED/LCD TV Remote Control

The LRIPL LG LED/LCD TV replacement remote works with all LG LED/LCD/Plasma models, which is made with the best quality elements. It has a comfortable ergonomic design that allows for effortless, one-hand operation. An elegant remote, with the colour that everyone loves, that is, a shiny black colour, to give it that extra ‘oomph’ with a soft keypad, to enjoy seamless and swift operations. The LRIPL LG LED/LCD TV remote is operational from a long distance, that is, 12 meters, and can also be used at a 45-degree angle. Whether you are sitting on the bed, or on the sofa, enjoy every show, movie, or series from your place. This remote is an absolute essential for your LG LED/LCD/Plasma TV. 

This remote is equipped with different buttons and controls, which lets you adjust the settings of your TV. It has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easier to handle it, without any hassles. It is made from the best quality plastic and has a soft rubber keypad, with every part tried and tested before sent to the customers. We ensure to keep your needs first and manufacture products that will cater to your needs. But LRIPL LG LED/LCD TV Remote today to enjoy access to all the controls of your TV. It has long durability to ensure that you do not have to buy a new remote every now and then. If you are not satisfied with the product or any part is not functioning properly, we provide you with a complete warranty of 3 months. It is made from the best of ABS material, to ensure a longer period of usage. 

To make the best use of this remote, use a new AA battery, and remove them when the remote is not in use for long. Before buying this product, make sure that the image matches your previous remote, to enjoy all the features, your shows, serials, and your movies. If you are facing any trouble in finding the remote matching your remote, feel free to contact our customer support, who are online to help you. With LRIPL, you can order your choice of LRIPL product at your convenience and get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy the best LG LED/LCD Remote control online from LRIPL Shop today!

Hathway Set Top Box remote control

Have you been searching for THE remote? We know the struggle of finding the perfect remote for the Set-Top Box. Have a Hathway Set Top Box at home? Let go of all your troubles. We’re there for you. Just tap one button and the remote is yours. Do you want to lie down and watch television? Use this remote at a 45-degree angle and it still works! Can you believe that? We offer you this product at the most affordable rate in the market! If you face any issue, don’t stop yourself from contacting our customer service. We’ll be there at your doorstep to solve your issue. We have pledged to provide you with the best services possible and we will make sure, we do it till the end of time! To be able to help you better and satisfy your needs, we willingly provide you with a 3-month warranty. Did you know that this remote requires no programming at all? Just use it with your set-top box and you’re good to go! We guarantee its stable performance and faster transmitting distance.

You may have the habit of changing your remote frequently, but once you try our Hathway Set Top Box remote control, we ensure that it will be the one and only remote for all your purposes of watching whatever you want on the set top box. It has been made in a way, which makes it hassle free to use and is convenient and does not have a complex method of usage.

Put an end to finding the correct remote, every time your previous one stope working. We will provide you with the best of products, so that you do not have to go running around searching for the correct one. We have the intention of bringing you the best content available, with a pocket-friendly budget, on any screen, at any time you want. Keep the control of your Set Top Box in your hands!

Why Purchase Universal Philips Led TV Remote As A Perfect Substitute

Those days are long gone when it was about having separate LED TV remote for separate models. A reputed company like Philips has revolutionized the ways you are taking technology. So, right now, it is proud to offer its customers with universal Philips LED TV remote, perfectly crafted to work on all possible models. Available at such affordable rates, this product came into the market to make lives a lot easier for users.

The highlights of the product:

Before you place an order for such a universal LED TV remote from Philips, don’t forget to mark the highlighted points. You are about to invest some bucks on this product, so you have to be very careful about making the right choice.

  1. This remote control works for only Philips LED models and won’t be compatible with other brands.
  2. The packaging box consists of one remote control.
  3. Batteries are not included in the pack, so to be purchased separately. This remote control needs AAA batteries.
  4. Available in Black colour, this TV remote is compatible with not just LED TV, but with LCD ones as well.
  5. It has dimensions of length 5 cm, breadth 2 cm, and height 11 cm.
  6. This remote control weighs just 40gms, making it pretty light in weight.

Undeniable features to work with:

Once you have made up your mind to buy Philips LED TV remote control, feel free to check out the features that this universal remote controller has in store.

  1. It comprises of the premium quality plastic body, designed to last for a long time.
  2. It has a soft rubber keypad, so it won’t hurt while pressing the buttons on it.
  3. Remember that the manufacturers ensure to check all the products by testing machines before dispatching to the clients.
  4. This remote comes with different controls and buttons to help you adjust settings of LED or LED TV.
  5. The ergonomic handle of this product offers one precise grip.

Perfect substitute for original remote:

If you lost your original Philips TV remote and looking for a substitute one, then this universal product might be the right choice for you. The product comes with an instruction manual. Take time to read it before you start using the TV remote. Reputed products have a long-distance range with the top quality body. So, you can use this remote control from any part of the house, and it will work great with your LCD or LED TV.

LG LED/LCD remote control

Find the perfect companion for your home entertainment system with Control your world with a simple scroll, voice note, voice command, or a button’s touch as offers its innovative accessories designed to access your favorite content on LED/ LCD easily.

LG LED/LCD TV remote control

It does not matter whether you want to access your favorite TV show, movie, photos, music, videos, or any other content. LG LED/LCD TV remote control put everything on your fingertips. So, discover its latest and new features and bring entertainment at the highest level with ease.

Easy navigation

Choose what you want to watch or listen to the simple wave of your hand. The wheels scrollers or Voice Matel features allows you to change the channel with more comfort and ease. Even you can speak to change the channel or volume of your TV.

Single remote solution

The function of the LG TV remote is not only limited to your television. However, you can also control your home theatre system setup box and soundbar with just a single remote. So, now gets rid of multiple TV remotes’ clumsy and navigation and uses one instead of many.

Moreover, smart TV beautifully pulls together all your entertainment options, making your remote even more magical and beautiful. You can easily access streaming services, your recent history, terrific quotes on a TV, and Discover what you desire to watch further. Now spend less time navigating and more time enjoying your entertainment channels, so buy LG LED/LCD TV remote control.

Why is not limited to a few products. However, it offers a wide range of products that are today’s necessity. So if you are a person who hates going to several places and wants to go shopping from a single platform, is the best shopping site. Moreover, it offers high-quality goods. So, one can easily rely on The best part is that you get worth of your money once you get attached to it. Furthermore, the services are quick, with nominal shipping charges.

What you have to do?

Your work is to explore our website and have a look at other products. Then, you need to have a look at customer reviews and ratings to have faith in us. Once you complete this work, you can start placing the orders and be ready to enjoy the best and timely services.

Features And Main Purpose Revolving Around CCTV Power Supply With 4 Channel

The 4 channel power supply unit is meant for powering up CCTV cameras. Each one of the four channels will have individual LED output indication, making it easier for users. The input voltage range differs from one brand of CCTV Power Supply with 4 Channel to another. However, the basic ranges between 185 ~ 245 Volts AC. The product comprises of a power switch meant for the unit, with different on and off controls. Each one of the items will be QC tested for primary accuracy.

The main purpose:

The primary goal of such CCTV Power Supply is to deliver regulated power. It helps in enhancing the picture quality of the CCTV cameras. The items are industry proven to be rugged in design and durability. The services come handy at pretty low rates. The products come in metal enclose to keep the interior protected from harsh weather conditions for a long time.

Get to the specifications:

Remember to check through multiple options before finalizing the best 4 channel CCTV power supply box to be on the safe side. Go for the power supply unit, perfectly crafted for security camera based power supply. Reputed manufacturing units will use high frequency switching technology, making the final product compact in size, highly reliable, and very light in weight. 

  1. Just like the input power, the output power will be 48-watt maximum. It comes with separate protection functions like over-temperature protection, overload and over current protection, and short circuit protection. 
  2. Significant products will have a cable compensation switch, which helps in perfect voltage boosting. Thanks to the wider Ac input range, the products become suitable for Indian power conditions.
  3. The compact size is not all that you will learn about these power supply units. It comes with a power LED indicator as one of its main features.
  4. The items are perfectly crafted for meeting all EMC or EMI and safety requirements. 
  5. The products are known for their premium integrated SMPS switcher based IC design.

Why use CCTV power supplies:

There are multiple reasons to use CCTV power supplies these days. Not just for lower energy consumption, but the power supplies are known for their higher efficiency level. There you will receive individual output with a resettable fuse. There is also a cable-based compensation switch for perfect voltage boosting. With short circuit auto-restart and the lower ripple effect, your CCTV picture quality will turn out to be just great! So, get one for your use now.