Have you lost your Sony TV remote? or has it started to malfunction? Whatever the reason may be, the best replacement for your remote control is the LRIPL Sony Bravia remote control. With every functionality of the original Sony remote control, the LRIPL remote control is an absolute necessity for your home.

The LRIPL Sony remote control does not need any pre-installation. Just take it out of the box, put batteries in it and you’re good to go. The remote uses infrared signals to operate your TV and can work with every Sony LCD and LED television set. The remote controls varied compatibility with LCD and LED TVs makes your experience faster, smoother, and efficient. Apart from these functionalities, the remote control still stands apart from its competitors. The LRIPL Sony remote control boasts a range of over 12 meters and it can be used even at a 45-degree angle. Along with all the buttons and keys of the original Sony remote, the LRIPL remote gives you a dedicated key just for Netflix so that online shows are just a button click away for you. Thus, with the LRIPL Sony remote control, you can be assured your that TV viewing experience won’t be hindered. 

The LRIPL Sony remote control is made out of ADS material, which is a better alternative than the conventional plastic material. The ADS material is eco-friendly and makes the product very durable, making the LRIPL remote control a sensible buying choice over every other remote control in the market. 

Every LRIPL Sony remote control comes with a 3-month warranty. The warranty will cover any mishap that might occur during the warranty period and the product can even be replaced should it start malfunctioning in the warranty period. The remote control used AAA batteries and you should always use fresh batteries to get the best performance out of the remote control. Please make sure that the LRIPL remote you are buying is the same model as the original remote, to avoid any technical problems in the future. Our aim at LRIPL is to put the convenience of the consumer at the forefront, that is why you can buy our Sony Bravia replacement remote control straight from our website. Since we deliver in every major city in India, you can get our products delivered straight to your doorstep.